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Closer Connections Counselling and Consulting

Helping individuals find connections between thoughts and feelings to support healthier choices in meeting needs
Exploring the power of thoughts in shaping underlying beliefs formed about ourselves, others and the world around us
Reworking unhelpful beliefs that get in the way of living as our best selves to rewrite a more fulfilling personal story

I believe….

  • It takes courage to recognize support would be beneficial and even greater courage to reach out for support
  • Behaviour is purposeful to meet social and emotional needs
  • All people have the potential for change and the strengths within to face challenges
  • Therapy can be difficult at times, but does not always have to be serious or sad; humour and playfulness help us heal
  • The human spirit is resilient and holds the power to create personal change
  • Every human has a beautiful story, but sometimes the beauty lies hidden
25+ Years
Of experience working with individuals, families, school personnel and community organizations
Maybe today is that day to start rewriting the first line in that story… maybe not tackling the whole story, perhaps just the first line.

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