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Closer Connections

Sometimes the biggest challenge is listening to our own quiet inner voice rather than what the world is yelling at us.

Services that I offer

Individual Therapy for Children

Individual Therapy for Adolescents

Individual Therapy for Adults

Parent Coaching

Group Therapy and Educational Programming

Facilitation of Professional Workshops

The FAQ’s….

It can be uncomfortable to make that first call
Many clients have expressed feeling anxious or nervous when making the initial call or before a first appointment. That rise in feelings is quite typical and sometimes it may take a few attempts before a call is made. I respect this and honour the courage it takes to reach out.
I may not immediately answer a call
So you finally make that call, and it goes to voice mail, my apologies. But please leave a message, and I will return your call as quickly as I am able. My office hours vary and my intent is to respond within 48 hours depending on my next scheduled office time. Another option is to email or text.
I am accepting of whatever stage you may be at when considering services
Once we exchange some general information and explore how we could work together, we then discuss options for next steps and there is not obligation to book time with me. If I feel like your concerns do not align with my areas of focus, I often share contact information for other providers to ensure you find the appropriate service.
It may seem like I ask lots of questions in the first session
I am trying to understand the layers involved and where you want to land after service comes to a close. In a first session, I also share many details about the process of therapy, and you will have opportunity to ask as many questions as needed. You can expect reviewing service contracts, signing consent for service, and completing some background information.
When working with a younger child, typically the first few sessions are with adult caregivers only
Adults only allows opportunity to collect important details for planning and goal setting with greater openness while maintaining dignity for the child. A plan is developed together in how to best approach introducing the child to therapy.
Most adolescents are included during initial sessions
Each adolescent is unique. Some prefer caregivers approach the therapist first others wish to be actively involved right from the start
Virtual services are available, even once COVID restrictions shift
Some clients have indicated a preference for virtual services for a variety of reasons including no travel time, greater flexibility in scheduling, appreciation of the shared screen option, to name a few. Even group educational programming or professional development have found success through the online format.


Therapy fees

Include a full 60 minute hour at a rate of $110 plus GST

Afterhours Appointments

There is no additional charge for evening appointments.

Other services

Attending school-based or community meetings, writing reports, and the like would be discussed at a prorated amount.

Contracted services are discussed on an individual basis and terms would be negotiated based on the expectations of service.

Payment can be made by cash, e-transfer or cheque and is due at the end of each session.

Maybe today is that day to start rewriting the first line in that story… maybe not tackling the whole story, perhaps just the first line.

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