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Sometimes the biggest challenge is listening to our own quiet inner voice rather than what the world is yelling at us.

Group Therapy and Educational Programming

With a teaching background, I am very comfortable with facilitating various types of groups, either for educational, informative purposes or for therapeutic gain. Age range of groups spans infant with parent programs through to school aged and adolescent participants as well as adult programs. I am comfortable facilitating educational material regarding a wide variety of mental health topics including regulation, anxiety, mood disorders, parenting strategies, understanding child and adolescent development, stress and the management of such, understanding the brain, to name only a few. Therapeutic groups are formed with participants that face similar concerns and are prepared and willing to share and receive insight from other participants. Therapeutic groups do contain some level of educational components but typically focus more on processing challenges as a group. Topics for learning would be identified by the participants of the therapeutic group.

Group participants working with me will …

  • Find connection amongst group members
  • Feel valued and respected
  • Benefit from hearing the stories of other participants
  • Build knowledge and skills
  • Understanding Self-Regulation for Parents, Gillis School 2015

  • Understanding Self-Regulation for Parents, Gillis School 2014

  • Coping with Toddler Behaviour, Crescent Beach Community Services 2008

  • Parent-Child Mother Goose Programs, Crescent Beach Community Services 2008

  • More Tools for Your Parenting Toolkit, Jessie Lee Elementary School 2008

  • Respectful Responsible Parenting, The Children’s Foundation 2007

  • Respectful Responsible Parenting, The Children’s Foundation 2006

  • Introduction to Behaviour Disorders, The Children’s Foundation 2006

  • More Tools for Your Parenting Toolkit, Promontory Community Church 2005


Therapy fees

Include a full 60 minute hour at a rate of $90

Afterhours Apointments

There is no additional charge for evening and weekend appointments.

Other services

Attending school-based or community meetings, writing reports, and the like would be discussed at a prorated amount.

Contracted services are discussed on an individual basis and terms would be negotiated based on the expectations of service.

Payment can be made by cash, e-transfer or cheque and is due at the end of each session.

Maybe today is that day to start rewriting the first line in that story… maybe not tackling the whole story, perhaps just the first line.

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